Low-Carb Diets May Improve Acne

We all know that a low-carb diet is good for our waist-line, and that it has also recently been proven to be good at reducing cancer risk and type 2 diabetes, but now a new study has shown that a low-carb diet could be great for our skin too.

With over 15 million teenage sufferers of acne in the USA, could a simple change of diet help?

A report published by the Department of Dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York, has shown that some people who have the skin complaint, acne, could be suffering from a disorder called ‘hyperinsulinemia’.  Hyperinsulinemia is an excess of insulin in the blood, and acne sufferers could benefit from reducing the amount of carbs they eat to reduce the overload of insulin.

The MD of the department of dermatology, Dr. Alan R Shalita, said: “Foods that are low in the glycemic index (GI) may contribute to the hormonal control of acne.  I would encourage patients with acne to moderate the amount of carbs that they eat and not to overdo diary.”  (Which has also been proven to aggravate acne).

Consuming foods which are at the low end of the glycemic index will ensure that a person will avoid the blood sugar level spikes that occur with processed, starchy foods such as white rice, flour, bread, pasta, sugary foods etc.  A diet rich in fresh foods such as non-starchy fruit and vegetables, and plenty of proteins will keep insulin levels under control and the acne condition should improve.

Dr. Shalita was also keen to debunk some myths about acne causes and pleased chocolate lovers everywhere by stressing that it was unlikely that chocolate was to blame for outbreaks of acne, citing that it would be more likely the fault of the fat and sugar in candy bars rather than the cocoa.

“One study that compared Hershey chocolate bars with carob bars found no difference in acne risk,” Shalita says. “There is sugar and fat in both, so for people that do react to chocolate, it has more to do with the sugar than the cocoa.”

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CarbRite SugarFree Chocolate Bar

Great news for fans of our low carb chocolate bars and cookies.

Dr. Shalita did stress that if a low carb diet didn’t show a significant improvement in patients’ acne condition, then they should see a dermatologist for further medical treatments.


On a Low Carb Diet? There’s a Low Carb Chocolate Bar That’s Better Than a Baby Ruth!

Even after all these years, the Atkins brand makes the best low carb chocolate bars out there. Read a review of the Atkins Advantage Bar that tastes better than a Baby Ruth!

Making low carb food taste good is tricky.

Sure, it’s easy enough for low carb food manufacturers to lower the net carbohydrates of bread, sweets, and other carbalicious foods: simply stack it with fiber, use sugar alcohols, or one of the newfangled zero-carb sweeteners. But to actually make low carb food taste good – that takes a level of low carb mastery that few food manufacturers have achieved.

The Atkins brand, however, has managed over the years to refine and perfect their low carb products to a level where you’ll be hard-pressed to tell that it’s actually good for you.

The best example of this is the wide-ranging line of Atkins Advantage Bars, all of which boast incredibly low net carbs as well as a multitude of different choices – 14 in all. Among the ingredients, you’ll find a vast array of flavors that are more reminiscent of an ice cream parlor than a diet food store: dark chocolate, fudge, peanut butter, almonds, coconut, marshmallow, and nougat to name a few.

The problem with low carb sweets has always been the use of artificial sweeteners and the ensuring aftertaste that leads many people to ask while chewing, is eating this thing really worth it? In the case of the Atkins Advantage Bars, the answer is resoundingly yes.

The Secret to Making a Great Low Carb Chocolate Bar

Atkins was making low carb food long before anyone else, so they have the longest track record of producing low carb foods that are both effective and enjoyable. The secret to the success of the Atkins Advantage Bars lies in the use of sugar alcohols, fiber, and artificial sweeteners, all of which lower the carb count of the bars and counterbalance what carbohydrates remain for a net carb effect on your blood sugar that never goes above 5 grams.

Rather than relying heavily on the use of low carb sweeteners, the Atkins Advantage Bars leverage sugar alcohols and fiber to lower the net carb effect, resulting in a great tasting bar. While there is some conjecture about the use of sugar alcohols in low carb food and whether or not it is truly effective in neutralizing carbohydrates, the Atkins Advantage Bars clearly manage to walk the fine line between taste and low net carbs, which most people reporting no major shift in their ketosis when eating them daily.

Can the Atkins Advantage Bar Beat the Baby Ruth in a Taste Test?


While some of the Atkins Advantage Bars may hint at a slight aftertaste, I’ve always found Atkins’ Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll to be every bit as enjoyable as any of the decadent candy bars you’d buy in a convenience store. For years, it has been my mainstay for a low carb treat that won’t spike my blood sugar levels and get me on the path to weight gain.

Recently, however, I decided to splurge at the supermarket and pick up a stand candy bar in order to see what I had been missing for all these years. Since the Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll has long since been my favorite low carb chocolate bar of choice, I thought I’d try its carby cousin – the Baby Ruth – to see how the Atkins Advantage Bar stands up to the competition. After the first bite, I was amazed to find that the Baby Ruth seemed to have more of an aftertaste than the Atkins Advantage Bar!

low carb

Atkins Advantage Bars: A long-term low carb solution for the Chocoholic in you.

Truth be told, you’re not going to find many low carb sweets on the market that are as decadent and passable as their carb-packed competitors. After all, it’s the use of refined sugar, dextrose, and high fructose corn syrup that makes sugary sweets so tasy . . . and fattening.  But if the prospect of never eating sweets again seems too much to ask of you, then the line of Atkins Advantage Bars might be your secret weapon for staying on your low carb diet for the long haul.

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Michael Nace is a low carb blogger for Linda’s Diet Delites, a leading online diet food store, specializing in a wide range of low carb food products.


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