The Low Carb Lunch Conundrum: How Low Carb Bread Can Make Lunch Enjoyable on a Low Carb Diet

low carb bread hamburger buns
Healthwise Bakery FlavorRich Zero Net Carb Hamburger Buns

Lunch on a low carb diet can be the most difficult meal to traverse. But better tasting low carb bread products are helping to make low carb lunches more enjoyable.

When it comes to lunch — and this is particularly true in the U.S. — going low carb can be quite difficult. Whereas the typical American breakfasts and dinners feature proteins like eggs, breakfast meats, steak, chicken, and fish, and only require a low carb dieter to take breads and carby side-dishes out of the equation, lunch foods tend to center around bread. Hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches — all of which are built around bread — just don’t retain their tastiness when you take bread out of the equation. And because most Americans have neither the time nor patience to sit down to a dinner-like lunch, many low carb dieters often skip lunch, thus leading to hunger — the biggest diet killer of them all.

Fortunately for low carb dieters, a wide array of low carb breads have hit the market that feature much-improved taste and texture, allowing lunch items like hot dogs, hamburgers, and sandwiches to stay on the menu.

Some of the biggest innovations in low carb bread are coming from HealthWise Bakery, who have long since been leaders in the best low carb breads on the market. Their new line of FlavorRich hot dog and hamburger rolls leverage high levels of fiber to offset carb counts for a zero net carb effect. Ingredients like natural oat fiber, natural wheat protein isolate, chicory roots, organic wheat bran/ corn bran all supply the fiber needed to counteract the carbs. HealthWise has added the use of olive oil and other flavors to greatly improve the moistness and texture of these low carb breads, so that now you can enjoy and hamburger or hot dog with a bun.

low carb bread hot dog buns
HealthWise Bakery FlavorRich Zero Net Carb Hot Dog Buns

When it comes to sandwiches, HealthWise has a sliced low carb bread that delivers on taste and zero net carbs as their FlavorRich line of hamburger and hot dog buns. The HealthWise low carb bread is slightly springy, with a very light weight texture and great taste, all while netting out at zero carbs. It also toasts well for both lunchtime sandwiches and breakfast.

Of course, the introduction of a few carbs usually improves all low carb breads, which is why HealthWise also offers a low carb bread alternative to their zero net carb loaf. The FiberRich option of low carbs breads from HealthWise features just 3 grams of net carbs per slice, but also ups the ante on flavor as well.

From a dieter’s perspective, these two versions of low carb bread offer a perfect two-stage approach to keeping bread on the menu at lunchtime. The zero net carb bread option guarantees that it will not affect blodd sugar levels, thus preserving ketosis for those on an Atkins version of the low carb diet, whereas the FiberRich option is a perfect stage-two alternative.

Whatever HealthWise low carb bread product you choose, you can be assured that it will not lead to loathing lunchtime.

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