Consider Supplementing Low Carb Diet for Optimal Health

When you first begin a strict low carb diet, you may find some side effects that are negative as a result of limiting certain types of foods. You can easily combat these side effects, however, by taking dietary supplements that will make up for any lost nutrients. Read on to learn the most commonly needed supplements to consider if you begin a long-term low carb diet. 
Top Dietary Supplements for Low-Carb DietersPotassium – One nutrient low-carb; diets may not provide fully is potassium. Taking a potassium dietary supplement is a great idea for any low carb dieter.

Calcium – Although some calcium can be achieved through certain allowed dairy products, such as cheese, a lot of the foods allowed on a low carb diet don’t contain enough calcium. Taking a calcium supplement daily can prevent issues associated with a lack of calcium in the body.

Magnesium – A lot of leafy green vegetables that aren’t typically a part of a low carb diet offer necessary magnesium. Many low carb dieters opt for a dietary supplement that contains magnesium to combat a lack of this important mineral.

Vitamins C & D – Typically, the foods that contain vitamin C and  D also contain a lot of carbohydrates, so they may not be a part of the daily low carb diet. Taking a supplement that contains these vitamins can help prevent issues associated with a diet lacking in them.

A Multi-Vitamin is Always a Great Choice

It is often easier to obtain necessary intake of all vitamins and minerals by finding a multi-vitamin that provides you with the majority of necessary daily nutrients. You can also opt for diet foods that contain additional vitamins, such as Vitalicious Vita Tops. This is true whether you are on a low carb diet or any other restricted diet.

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