Chatila’s Bakery Back in Stock – March

Chatila’s Bakery products are now back in stock. Here’s the rundown:

The 90 calorie, 16g net carbs (per half) whoopie pies:

The 80-90 calorie, 6g+ net carb muffins:

The 45 calorie, 5g net carb mini cookies:

The 110 calorie, 4g net carb donuts:

The 90 calorie, 2g net carb E’toiles (per serving):

The 120 calorie, 2g net carb Cannolis:

The 80 calorie, 2g net carb Coconut Macaroons:

The 100 calorie, 6g net carb cheesecakes:

And the 50 calorie, 4g net carb eclairs (per serving):

60 Calories – 2g Net Carbs – 1 Smart Diet Count

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