Mt. Olive No Sugar Added Sweet Relish

Mt. Olive No Sugar Added Sweet RelishIf you’re like me, then giving up hamburgers and/or hot dogs on a low carb diet can be really tough. Luckily, you can now pair a nice low carb hot dog bun with your hot dogs — and the same for hamburgers. But what if you want to add a little relish to the experience? Unfortunately, most relishes have tons of sugar in them, making them a no-go for a low carb diet.

Mt. Olive, on the other hand, has a low carb solution for your relishing of relishes.

Mt. Olive is a classic name when it comes to pickles and relish — it’s one of those stalwart brands that you’ve seen your entire life at the grocery store. That’s why Mt. Olive No Sugar Added Sweet Relish is so good — it comes from a truly reliable brand, but without all the sugar.

Simply put: one tablespoon of Mt. Olive No Sugar Added Sweet Relish has just 1 gram net carbs. That’s a perfect service for a hot dog or hamburger. Their secret is to use Splenda in place of regular sugar.

Because of the complex flavors of relish, the Splenda works splendidly. There is no aftertaste.

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