The Carb/Cellulite Relationship – Learn How to Reduce Cellulite Through Diet

If you battle cellulite, you are among millions who have wondered the same thing as you: what can be done to get rid of those dimples that seem to taunt you in the mirror? You may have tried lotions, creams, gels and anything else that promised toning and tightening and promised to banish the bumps, only to be saddened by virtually no results. But did you know that the foods you consume, such as carbs, can be related to cellulite? Read on to learn more about using diet as one method to help prevent and treat cellulite.
Many Factors Cause Cellulite
It is important to remember that cellulite is not caused by just one factor, and for some people it can be virtually impossible to rid their bodies of cellulite by eliminating carbohydrates or by exercising more. In the same way that some people get stretch marks during pregnancy and others don’t, cellulite can not only be caused by diet and exercise habits, but hereditary factors and age play a part as well. While there is no surefire way to rid your body completely of cellulite forever, there are many steps you can take, such as sticking to a low carb diet, to lessen the appearance of cellulite.
The Hidden Causes of Cellulite
If you exercise to tone your body up and use lotions that are designed to fight aging and cellulite, but still are seeing no difference in the dimply appearance you hate, consider altering your diet to achieve the results you want. Too many refined sugars and carbs in a diet have been shown to contribute to the appearance of cellulite. By reducing the intake of carbs daily, you can help lessen this orange-peel appearance on the legs, buttocks, belly and other parts of the body. In addition to carbs contributing to cellulite, studies have shown that increasing the intake of whole grains can help combat this type of fat as well. This is good news for low carb dieters, because increasing the amounts of whole grains in the diet can help combat any hunger or cravings that may ensue in the beginning of a low carbohydrate diet.
Don’t Expect Overnight Results
It takes a long time for a body to change, and while it may seem that cellulite dimples appeared virtually overnight and never left, this isn’t actually the case. Cellulite likely developed over years due to genetics, age, weight, and exercise and eating habits. Keep this in mind when you lower carb intake to decrease the appearance of cellulite. Once you adjust your diet and consume more whole grains and less carbs, cellulite appearance will slowly begin to decrease. And it doesn’t hurt to continue to do toning exercises and use hydrating lotions or gels at the same time to achieve maximum results.
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