What to do First When Starting a Diet

So you’ve finally built the determination to get healthier and start a diet.

Now, where do you start?

The world of eating healthy and dieting, which are sometimes at odds, is vast, diverse, and sometimes complex depending on how deep you want to go.

In the beginning start with just 2 basics:

  1. Realize that to maintain a lifelong healthy weight, or look good naked (depending on your goal), you will need to eventually adopt an overall healthier lifestyle rather than jumping in and out of diet mode. For now though, we are going to focus on diet mode since we assume you have some pounds to lose.
  2. To keep things simple, concentrate on calorie tracking.

By focusing on calorie tracking you get to the main cause of weight gain – eating more calories than you burn or utilize.

There is more to it than just calories in calories out, but at the beginning at focus on this alone will allow you to take large first steps in tackling weight loss.

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