Red Raspberry Ketones – A Healthy Weight Loss Supplement?

Are you searching for a supplement that can assist you in getting that beach body without resorting to diet pills? There are many different kinds out there, but many of them provide negative side effects, such as bowel issues, shaky hands, heart damage, and more. If you are looking for a healthy alternative that can boost your weight loss efforts, raspberry ketones may be a great option for you! If you haven’t heard of raspberry ketones for weight loss, or if you have heard of them but are hesitant to give them a try, read on:

According to The Dr. Oz Show, raspberry ketones are safe and all-natural, being comprised of the primary compound of red raspberries. Raspberry ketones work in a similar way as coffee bean extract or green tea – their natural compounds promote the increase of the metabolic rate within the body, ultimately helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Additionally, red raspberries have been used for centuries as a natural remedy for many medical conditions. These including easing menstrual symptoms and some gastrointestinal conditions. There are no side effects associated with the use of raspberry ketones, whether they are taken as a natural remedy for one of the conditions listed or as a weight loss supplement. However, some studies have shown that raspberry ketones can act similarly to estrogen within the body, so if you have any medical conditions related to the hormone, such as breast cancer, it is best to consult with your physician before taking this type of supplement.

When deciding to take raspberry ketones as a weight loss supplement, you will likely run onto many different versions to choose from. Liquid raspberry ketones are one option that will offer a more immediate effect on the body than pills. However, some pills will include a combination of raspberry ketones and green tea – both of which are widely known for their weight loss assistance. The best way to determine the right one for you is to browse many different varieties and compare costs and your personal needs in order to find the best variety of raspberry ketones dietary supplements for you.

While raspberry ketones have shown promise as a weight loss supplement, they work best in conjunction with a healthy low carb, low sugar diet. To stock up on great low carb foods to achieve your weight loss goals quickly, visit us at Linda’s Diet Delites!  

Tumaro’s Gourmet Low in Carbs Tortillas

Tumaro's Gourmet Tortillas Low in Carbs TortillasThere are plenty of low carb tortillas on the market today. Unfortunately, not many of them make the grade when it comes to taste. Usually there’s a sliding scale: the lower in carbs, the lower the taste. If you want the authentic Mexican flavor and texture of a good tortilla, you’re going to have to be willing to ingest some serious carbage.

Tumaro’s Gourmet Tortillas are overturning this paradigm, however, since they manage to craft a really tasty tortilla that is low in net carbs. At just 4 grams of net carbs, you can incorporate one or two of these tortillas into your next Mexican meal — or use one for a wrap — without feeling like you’ve gone overboard. Taste-wise, Tumaro captures that moist, rich texture of a flour tortilla by using oat fiber, whole wheat flour, soy bean flour, wheat gluten, and canola oil to create a really authentic tortilla.

Tumaro’s delicious bread replacement products are ideal for wraps, burritos, quesadillas, fajitas, tacos, and enchiladas. Low-in-Carbs tortillas are cholesterol-free, trans fat free, and delicious!

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New Sugar Free, Low Carb Candy Arrives

Sugar free and low carb candy can be hard to find at the local supermarket. Fortunately for you, we’re keeping on the leading edge of the best low carb and sugar free candies.

From the supermarket’s perspective, there isn’t much of a local market for sugar free candy — as most people prefer the sugary stuff. But when you add up all of the people in the U.S. who want or need sugar free candy, it adds up to millions of dieters, diabetics, and anti-sugar people. That’s where online stores like ours come in.

Since we play to the low carb and sugar free niche, we always keep our eyes out for new products that are really tasty, really high-quality, and really hard to find. Lately, we’ve found the following sugar free candy that I think you will love:

chocolate sugar free candiesAsher’s Chocolates Sugar Free Candy Bars

Chocolate is one of the best bets when it comes to sugar free candy. The rich, underlying bitterness of cocoa helps to counteract any lingering aftertaste, and works well with popular sugar alcohols. Asher’s Chocolates Sugar Free Candy Bars have taken the use of chocolate in sugar free candies to a new level. At just 1 gram of net carbs per serving, it’s amazing low carb and sugar free dessert for those craving chocolate.

Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Hard Candy

Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Hard Candy
Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Hard Candy

When you think of Baskin Robbins, you think ice cream, not candy. But in spite of the fact that hard candy is somewhat of a new foray for Baskin Robbins, they have been creating sugar free ice cream for a long time now, and have a pretty strong history of crafting tasty sugar free desserts. Their new Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Hard Candy really delivers on taste and carb count: From Baskin Robbins, “Creamy, smooth and delicious! Baskin Robbins Smooth and Creamy Sugar Free Hard Candy brings you the fun of your favorite ice cream treat. Made with real cream and sweetened with Splenda, these mouth watering hard candies are the best way to satisfy any ice cream cravings. Individually wrapped and available in a variety of your favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors.”

Quest Nutrition All Natural Quest Bar
Quest Nutrition All Natural Quest Bar

Quest Nutrition All Natural Quest Bar

But if your idea of a great sugar free candy is something more earthy and less decadent, there are plenty of other choices out there as well. Even granola bars can have tons of refined sugar in them, in addition to the carbs that come with the use of grains, nuts, and dried fruits. But the Quest Nutrition All Natural Quest Bar offers some great, earthy taste with the nutritionals you’re looking for.

rom Quest Nutrition, “QuestBars are the perfect nutrition bar for anyone looking to get top quality protein while dropping some carbs from their diet. They’re as delicious and convenient as a candy bar, while maintaining all of the nutrition of a carefully prepared meal that’s packed with fiber to make you feel full and to help with digestion and weight loss.”

The All Natural Quest Bars are different from the standard quest bars in that all ingredients used are all natural and the sweeteners used are only erythritol, lohanguo, and stevia (no sucralose).

Best of all, each bar is only 3 grams of net carbs. You can’t beat that!

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ThinSlim Foods’ Amazing Low Carb Bagels

 ThinSlim Foods Low Carb Bagels
ThinSlim Foods Low Carb Bagels

Just like its other products, ThinSlim Foods has managed to cram low carb, low calorie, and low fat into their delicious bagels.

Most people would say that it cannot be done: make a diet food that satisfies dieters of every sect. But that is exactly what ThinSlim Foods has done in its first offerings of 2012. We wrote in another article about their amazing brownies, muffins, and squares that offer incredibly low carb, low cal, and low fat nutritionals, and now we’re happy to announce ThinSlim Foods Low Carb Bagels.

Diet food companies always make their “delicious low calorie bagel” a centerpiece of their breakfast menu. But rarely do those low calorie diet bagels deliver on taste. The ThinSlim Foods’ Low Carb Bagel is actually just 50 calories — 1/2 the calories of even the “skinniest” low calorie bagels, while still giving you an exceptional taste and texture.

The bagel goes great on low carb as well: at just 8 net grams of carbs per bagel, it is definitely a carb bargain, considering how satisfying they are for breakfast — a perfect alternative to the monotony of eggs and bacon. And if you’re looking to cut fat, the ThinSlim Foods’ Low Carb Bagel has zero grams of fat!

But what’s really reassuring is that the ThinSlim Foods’ low carb bagel isn’t some Frankenstein food that was concocted in a lab to do weird things to your metabolism. It is made in a regular bakery with no strange chemicals — just a medley of  flours (organic wheat bran, natural wheat protein isolate, natural oat flour), purified water, sea salt, calcium proprionate (a light preservative), chicory roots, yeast (sorbitan monostearate), and dried onion. You’ll note that there are no “modified” ingredients on this list — and that it is a vegan list as well.

At present, ThinSlim is offering their Low Carb Bagels in a plain variety only. But knowing ThinSlim, they’ll eventually roll out some more flavors down the line. In the meantime, be sure to check these out. We think they will quickly become the leading low carb bagels on the market today.

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Fiber Gourmet Half Calorie Crackers – Low Cal & low Carb!

Fiber Gourmet Half Calorie Crackers, 6 pack Fiber Gourmet gives you the best of both worlds: a low calorie cracker that also doubles as a low carb snack!

People often figure that their are either low calorie or low carb dieters. But in fact, you can also look to cut calories on a low carb diet and speed up your weight loss even faster. Dr. Atkins himself always admitted that low calorie diets do work — the problem with them is that you’re always starving while you are on them, and being hungry means that the diet is more destined to fail.

That being said, if you can manage your low car diet by taking in less calories, it will only help you lose weight. And Fiber Gourmet Half Calorie Crackers can most definitely help you.

From FiberGourmet, “Our original wheat crackers features half the calories and ten times the fiber of standard crackers. They have a delicate wheat flavor with a hint of honey, and a light dusting of salt. Excellent for dipping, and really small sandwiches.”

Not bad, huh? The combination of light honey flavor with a hint of salt makes for an amazing treat. And considering that they come in three varieties — original, everything, and cinnamon/sugar — there really is something for everyone out there who is on a diet who is craving a crunchy snack.

You’re probably wondering about the nutritionals by this point. Here they are: 10g net carbs per serving, 70 calories per serving, 4g protein, and Diet Count: 1/Diet Count Plus: 2.

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Thyroid Disorders and Low Carb Diets

It is estimated that some 59 million people in the US suffer from a thyroid condition, many of whom may not even realize they have the condition.

The thyroid gland is one of the biggest endocrine glands in the body and is the shape of a butterfly and located in the neck.  Its purpose is to control how the body spends energy, makes proteins and how it reacts to hormones.  It also produces the triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) hormones which control our metabolism.

Most sufferers of thyroid conditions suffer from an under-active thyroid gland, or hypothyroidism, which can cause a range of problems including weight gain, low energy levels, sexual dysfunction, infertility, hair loss, anxiety and depression.

An over-active thyroid or hyperthyroidism is much less common but can also make patients struggle to lose weight.  People with both of these disorders often find that traditional low fat, low calorie diets not only don’t work for them in terms of weight loss, but in some cases can actually make their condition worse.

Using Low Carb Diets to Lose Thyroid Disorder Weight Gain

People with thyroid disorders will typically find it extremely difficult to lose weight, but many have found that by sticking to a low GI or low carb diet they can effectively control their weight.

Supporters of low carbs diets believe that people with malfunctioning endocrine systems can greatly benefit from the metabolic changes that a low carb diet brings about.  The low carb diet’s ability to make the body burn fat without starving it of calories has helped many thyroid disorder patients to lose their excess weight.

Some people however, have found that extremely low carb diets have been detrimental to their weight loss, as they have suffered problems processing the large amounts of protein they were consuming. Some patients with thyroid issues also found that they were consuming too many calories for there to be a positive effect on their metabolism.

Many have found the South Beach, low GI diet more beneficial to them than the much stricter Atkins diet since it advocates lean meats and a wider variety of fruit and vegetables.  It is important to note that no diet alone will help you lose weight if you suspect you have a thyroid problem, a low carb diet should be used in conjunction with prescribed medication and exercise and the advice of your doctor.

Is a Thyroid Disorder Stopping You From Losing Weight on a Low Carb Diet?

From a different angle, some dieters who already on low carb diets such Atkins, suddenly find that they are having trouble losing weight, or are actually gaining weight instead.  We have found that quite often a thyroid problem is the reason for this.

A thyroid disorder can happen at any time and as you age it becomes more likely. The thyroid gland suddenly stops producing enough of the hormones needed to regulate your metabolism. Where before you found you were making great process towards your goal weight on your low carb diet, suddenly the weight loss stops or reverses.

Luckily hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are easy to diagnose. One way to do this is to track your temperature over the course of a few days.  By taking your oral temperature four to five times a day over several days you can see what your average temperature is.  An average temperature below 98ºF usually indicates an underactive thyroid; other symptoms of hypothyroidism include dry skin, brittle nails, hair loss, depression, lack of energy and insomnia. Your doctor will be able to test to see if you have the condition and give you the appropriate medication which should kick-start your low carb diet again.


Where The Primal Diet Fits In With Low Carb

primal dietPrimal dieting is becoming more and more popular among those looking to lose weight and improve serious health conditions, like osteoperosis. Read about the similarities and differences between primal and low carb diets.

As you know, diet fads are a mainstay of modern culture; it seems that a new one springs up every year, and for a time, dominates the diet industry. Low carb and gluten free diets have proven to have longevity — mainly because they work — but the newest “fad” diet is actually one that has been used before — by primitive man. The so-called “primal” diet is becoming increasing popular among people who are looking to lose weight and even fight terminal diseases, like cancer.

The primal diet was coined by nutritionalist Aajonus Vonderplanitz, and it focuses on eating high amounts of protein, little or no sugar, and raw foods that have not been cooked or otherwise processed through methods such as Pasteurization. Like the low carb diet, it has plenty of detractors: the medical industry continues to seek to destroy any revolutionary diets that seek to challenge the high carb, low calorie diet — even if a diet like the primal diet has been literally millions of years in the making!

Continue reading Where The Primal Diet Fits In With Low Carb

Moist Muffin Goodness: ThinSlim Foods Low Carb Low Fat Squares

diet snack cake
ThinSlim Foods Low Carb Low Fat Squares

The sweet, moist, dense taste and texture of a freshly-baked muffin now comes in a low calorie, low fat, and low carb square. Is ThinSlim foods’ new square diet heaven?

When it comes to desserts and snacking, tt’s not too often that you can triangulate low carb, low cal, and low fat together with great taste and texture. In an almost mystical new turn, however, ThinSlim has manage to create the ultimate diet dessert with their new squares.

The seemingly nondescript name is in many ways perfectly-suited for these new desserts, since they really cannot be co-opted by any one school of diet: the low carbers will love them because each one is just 2 grams of net carbs. The low cal people will be blown away by the fact that they are only 40 calories each. And low fat gurus will appreciate the mere 1 gram of fat per serving.

But all dieters will appreciate their taste.

Snack cake  manufacturers like Hostess, Little Debbie, Bimbo, and even the Philly-based Tastykake have all dreamed of crafting a diet square like this. All of them have tried, but the taste and texture never live up to expectation. ThinSlim’s new square, however, seems to capture everything you’d want in a diet snack cake while still preserving the fundamentals of whatever diet you subscribe to.

Currently, the ThinSlim squares come in three flavors, almond, banana, and peanut butter. They are most definitely worth a try, and are 100% guaranteed by ThinSlim not to raise blood glucose levels, citing that all of the nutritionals have been lab tested and verified.

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The 2012 Low Carb Diet New Year’s Resolution

Whether you’ve tried a low carb diet before and fallen off of the wagon, or you’ve dieted before but never tried low carb, 2012 is the year to make a low carb New Year’s resolution. Here’s where to begin:

Every year, dieting and losing weight tops Americans’ list of New Year’s resolutions. The revelry of the holidays — and all of the fattening delicacies it brings with it — combined with the pitfalls of the typical low carb diet, usually leave people feeling and looking heavier this time of year. And yet, the New Year’s resolution diet quickly becomes a viscous circle — a revolving door weight loss and weight gain. By this time next year, you’ll most likely be the same weight or even heavier, and the only thing you’ll have to show for it is a few months of starving yourself.

Time to turn your New Year’s resolution into a diet revolution.

The “Diet Revolution” was the term coined by Dr. Atkins, the nutritionalist who first popularized the low carb diet back in the 1960s. He wrote several books about his Diet Revolution, and revealed that the big problem in Americans’ diets is not fat or calories, but rather carbs and sugar. He argued that modern man’s diet has shifted from a high-protein diet to a high-carbohydrate diet, and that our metabolisms are not capable of handling all of the extra carbs and sugar we consume. Thus, the only way to get back to a healthy weight is to switch from a modern high-carb diet to a more primal low carb diet.

I emphasize the term “primal,” because it has quickly become the new popular term in low carb dieting. Atkins himself never used that term, though he did talk about primitive man, and how their diet was healthier than the diet we currently engage in. Whether you’re looking to start a low carb or “primal” diet for your New Year’s Resolution, here are a few starting off tips: Continue reading The 2012 Low Carb Diet New Year’s Resolution

Low Carb Snack: Beef & Meat Sticks

Sci-Fit Fat Free Beef Stix
Sci-Fit Fat Free Beef Stix

There is something inescapingly funny about the term “meat stick.” Lewd notions aside, there is something primal about the idea of “meat on a stick,” as it conjures up early man gnawing a fire-charred leg ‘o beast. Interestingly enough, primal diets — which are essentially Atkins-esque — are becoming evermore popular, and as a result, these new “primal dieters” are in search of new, tasty ways to get their meat on.

While the classic Slim Jim has led the way in terms of meat snacks for decades, healthy dieters are looking for a meat-based low carb snack that is a bit more dialed in to their “primal” sensitivities. Enter these new meat sticks:

First up is the Sci-Fit Fat Free Beef Stix, which essentially offers a higher-quality alternative to the Slim Jim. The Sci-Fit Fat Free Beef Stix come in both Teriyaki and Black Pepper varieties, are truly fat free and low carb — each stick is just 1 gram of carbs. In addition, the ingredients list thankfully doesn’t include any MSG, a common ingredient in Slim Jims and other mass produced meat sticks.

Ostrim Natural Beef Snack
Ostrim Natural Beef Snack

Ostrim also makes a nice Natural Beef Snack as well. Theirs is a high-protein meat stick that are very low in fat and USDA inspected, guaranteeing a true and correct nutritional profile of quality and wholesomeness. Their ingredients are very readable, including just Beef, Water, Sea Salt, Corn Starch, Natural Spices, Turbinado Sugar, Dehydrated Garlic, Natural Flavorings (Celery Powder), and Lactic Acid Starter Culture. Ostrim offers several great flavors, such as its original flavor, spicy pepper, and teriyaki.

Ostrim Meat Sticks
Ostrim Meat Sticks


If you want to take a walk on the wild side and try a meat stick that is not beef, then how about ostrich? Ostrim Meat Sticks are incredible great-tasting ostrich meat sticks, and offer the same level of nutrition and low carb snacking goodness. The Ostrim MEat Sticks comes in a variety of great flavors as well, such as barbeque, natural, pepper, and teriyaki.

Ready to order some of these tasty beef and meat sticks for a low carb snack? Linda’s Diet Delites carry all of them! Take a look at the Sci-Fit Fat Free Beef StixOstrim Natural Beef Snack, and Ostrim Meat Sticks today!